The Most Beautiful Places in Yerevan for Walking and Recreation


In this review we have collected for you colorful and inspirational, rightly the most interesting places in Yerevan. Some places deserve special attention, others are simply beautiful, and still make you feel like in a fairy tale. We start with the most famous places in Yerevan that everyone dreams of visiting. It is especially nice that there are modern sights near the old buildings, and after a day at the museum you can schedule a night visit to the best casino in Yerevan.

Republic Square

This square is a work of art! Around the square rise the magnificent buildings of pink tuff and the National Historical Museum. In addition to the unique architecture, the square welcomes guests and residents of the city with singing fountains. This is a great show, shrouded with a real magic. The mystical light comes alive and passes from one state to another.

National Historical Museum

Do not be afraid of a strict view of the museum building. Inside it is a real treasure trove that will take you on an exciting journey into the past of Armenia. In addition to the richest historical exposition, you should pay special attention to the museum’s gold fund: a collection of coins, medieval weapons, gold jewelry and other rarities amaze with amazing subtlety of work.


Antiques and art objects lovers really need to visit this place. Rows of merchants who sell paintings, wooden souvenirs, unique silverware, figurines, magnets, ceramics. And all this with a unique Yerevan atmosphere! All this is diluted with dozens of musical instruments, toys and fun conversations.


Matenadaran is a real Mecca for book lovers. Here you will see the largest, smallest, thickest and thinnest book in the world, unique manuscripts of 6-7 centuries, stunningly beautifully painted books in ancient Armenian and not only. No matter how great your love for the art of typography is, you should visit this extraordinary museum.

Blue Mosque

Although this is not exactly an Armenian landmark, the Blue Mosque is worth a look because it is very beautiful. The mosque is located in the center of Yerevan on Mashtots Avenue. Going inside is hardly possible, but you can walk in the courtyard with a fountain and fruit trees. Very peaceful and calm place.


The cascade is a kind of magnet for tourists from all over the world, as well as for the locals. It is a huge staircase (700 steps), which ends with a viewing platform. A special romantic atmosphere reigns here, you can just sit down on the steps and enjoy the bewitching view of the biblical Mount Ararat. Cascade is especially beautiful in the evening in a large number of lights.

Shangri La

This is a major VIP level entertainment complex, located just outside the city. The establishment is owned by the international company Storm International, Darren Keane is a managing director. This is a respectable place for luxury holidays connoisseurs with a gambling twist. The complex has an excellent restaurant with author’s cuisine, said Darren Keane, Storm International.

Parajanov Museum

And again about art. In the ethnographic quarter of Dzoraghbyur there is an unusual museum where you can see the work of the famous director, screenwriter and artist Sergei Parajanov. Of course, first of all, it is worth a look for connoisseurs of surrealism, as many paintings by the artist are represented here. In the museum’s exposition, besides this, you can find the personal belongings of the master, publications about the Sergei Parajanov’s work.

Yerevan Brandy Factory

Connoisseurs of good brandy will be interested in visiting the Yerevan Brandy Factory. Here you can touch the hundred-year history of the unique Armenian drink’s production. In the tasting hall you will spend unforgettable time enjoying delicious cognacs. Products can be purchased in the factory shop.

Botanical Garden

Where to go in Yerevan, if you want to relax and enjoy nature? Of course, in the botanical garden. Yerevan Botanical Garden is located in the north-eastern part of the city and is rightfully one of its most important assets. It’s no joke: there are more than 200 endemic plants in his collection, and all of this is gathered in an incredibly harmonious, slim ensemble. It is good to visit the garden on a hot summer day to get some fresh air, ride a bike, and wander along the shady paths.


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