When do you need an emergency opening of a car?


Of course, there are a great many reasons why an emergency opening of a vehicle is required. If you name the most common reasons, then this is the slamming of the car doors, while the key remains in the ignition. In addition, it is impossible not to include here the situation when the keys to your car were stolen and much more. Please note саr locksmith London can be found here.

How to open a car without a key

The first and most important mistake that a car enthusiast makes when they discover that they have lost their car keys is to panic. And now a person stands in confusion in front of a closed one and feverishly fumbles in his pockets in the hope that the key will magically be found and the situation will resolve itself.

Opening without a key a modern car stuffed with complex electronics, with millimeter body gaps and a car from forty years ago is a task that is fundamentally different in complexity. In the first case, nothing can be achieved using antiquated methods with the use of handicraft devices. Opening such a car is the lot of specialists. Simpler structures are more malleable.

Open the door through the window

You can try to push the glass a little towards the inside of the passenger compartment and make an attempt to move it down. Glass slides in the palms. To improve traction with the surface, improvised means are used: objects made of leather and rubber. If the window retainer and lift mechanism are worn out, the chances of opening the car without a key increase. They stick their hand into the opened gap and open the door.

You can try to break a worn lock cylinder in old cars with a screwdriver or other flat object of sufficient rigidity. Another key may be suitable, which is not very different from the original in shape and size.

Find the second key

All cars are issued with a spare set of keys. As a rule, they are kept at home, just for such an occasion. Alarms also have a spare key fob. The best way to unlock your car is to have your family bring a spare key.

Use alarm

If neither of the two keys can be obtained, it is possible to open the car with the alarm key fob. The solution to the problem becomes much more accessible. All security devices have the function of remote control of door locks — just press the corresponding button.

Сall the master

There are special services that help you gain access to your home, car, while maintaining the integrity of doors and locks. If all known ways to open the car without a key have been tried, and the result is zero, it is better to call the wizard. Contact numbers are published on specialized websites of organizations, in private announcements. There are qualified craftsmen with skills, knowledge and the necessary tools. The service is paid, but the declared prices are moderate. The costs are incomparable with those that follow after a rough breaking of the door.


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